Sunday, 10 June 2012

Short History of 410 Plt Trp RE by Jim Loach

410 Independent Plant Troop RE

The above unit was formed in June 1949 at Barton Stacey.

It sailed for Hong Kong on 12th July 1949 and formed part of the Hong Kong Garrison.

It moved to Malaya in July 1951.

Where it moved to initially is unclear but it can be confirmed that in April 1954 it was located in Kuala Lumpur at Sungei Besi Barracks, probably co-located with a Malay Squadron under command of 18 Infantry Brigade.

In March 1955 along with 11 Field Squadron it came under the command of 17 Gurkha Brigade.

In March 1955 it moved to Nakah Camp, Kedha.

In February 1960 it moved to Bukit Terendack Malacca.

In November 1960 it moved to Quebeck Lines Butterworth.

In mid 1962 it moved to Singapore.

In October/November it amalgamated with 54 Ind Fld Sqn on the latters return from Hong Kong.

You will notice that there is no mention of the time the troop was located in Minden Barracks Penang, this is because information regarding the troop is poorly documented.

It would be useful if anyone could expand on the information shown above with detail relating to projects completed, locations, dates etc.

As I understand the unit has reformed again as 410(BAOR) Plant Troop Royal Engineers (V) in Roberts Barracks, Osnabruk.

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