Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Brian (Taffy) Stephens Photos

Mick Higgins? Jock D.... Danny Delaney. Me (Taffy).Occles G..?

Ray. Me. Archie. Tony Evans.Occles B...?

Major Pike(L) Geordie(Rubberlips?)Chalky White Best man@wedding

Gang of us in NAFFI inc: Me arm up. Scouse Ramsay (backL). with Legs Kent. Dennis Orielly (C). Ginger Walker (FR).

At NAFFI. Ray Carter(L).Jock Fairley.Me. 'Natio'Yorky Jennings.Billy Rose.

From Left Jock McItteric,Benny Mctae, Taffy Stephens,Robbie?,Geordie?,


Brummy?, Ray Carter, Tony Evans.

From Left standing. Joe Nelson.Ray Carter.
Smudge Smithers.Jock Webster
Kneeling. Taffy Stephens.Tony Evans.

From left Mick(Higgy)Higgins.Taffy Stephens.
Mick Malloy.Billy Brown.Walt Dixon.

From left rear Jock Webster. Tony Evans.Don Davidson.
Vince Monaghan.Front right Paddy Hutchinson.
Paddy(Bulker)Orielly.Jock(Ting)Watson.Dickie Bird.Walt Dixon .

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