Saturday, 28 March 2015

Reunion 2015

Booking List for this Years Reunion at the Hoiliday Inn Coventry

Please inform me when you have booked


John & Margeret Bell                            Yes

Mick & Margaret Milward                    Yes

Clive & Mary Wooding                           Yes

Bill & Celia Kent                                      Yes

Olly Oliot                                                  Unable to Attend

Gary & Pam Hoskins                                Yes

Jim & Anne Macauley                               Yes

Jim & Dianna Randle                                 Yes

Jim & Mary Loach                                      Yes

Kieth Orrel & Family +3                              Yes

Mick Ramsay                                               Yes                     

Christmas Island 1956

This War Museum Film is in two parts the first part shows the building of the infrastructure mainly by our colleagues the REs, the second part is the testing of the Hydrogen Bomb.