Monday, 17 September 2018

Hearing Aids For Veterans

Hearing Aids For Veterans Managed by the British Legion

The funding for this scheme is not coming from the BL funds it is a £13 million government grant to help all veterans, this money comes from the fines levied on the culprits who where found guilty of rigging the Libor interest rates. If a veteran has any form of hearing loss they can get the latest hearing aides to help them get on with a normal life, even if you have NHS aides. For full information go to this web site   or Telephone 01455 234600

A must for our Comrades


Monday, 2 April 2018

Sad loss of two of our comrades

                                 Rip                     Olly Olliot  26/03/2018

                                                            Keith  Orrel  26/02/2018

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Sad News

Keith Orrel has sadly passed away, I was informed by his daughter Karen in Blackburn.

I was also informed that Dave West has also passed away in Medway.

RIP Sappers.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

      Reunion List For our 2018 reunion 27-29 April

Ollie Olliot          Booked  'Passed away 26/3/18 RIP'

Mick Ramsay                                                    Booked

John & Margaret Bell                                      Booked

Gary Hoskins                                                    Booked

Mick Milward & Margaret                               Booked

Jim Loach & Mary                                            Booked

Jim Macaulay & Margaret                              Booked

Trev Greene                                                       Booked

Clive Wooding & Mary                                     Booked

Jim Randle & Diane                                          Booked

Bill Kent & Cecilia +1                                        Booked

Keith Orrel  Family                                            ___?___

John Toase & Lynne                                           Booked

Brian Stephens & Diane                                     Booked