Tuesday, 13 February 2018

            Reunion List For our 2018 reunion 27-29 April

Ollie Olliot                                                       Booked

Mick Ramsay                                                   Booked

John & Margaret Bell                                     Booked

Gary Hoskins

Mick Milward & Margaret                             

Jim Loach & Mary

Jim Macaulay & Margaret

Trev Greene

Clive Wooding & Mary

Jim Randle & Diane

Bill Kent & Cecilia                                              Booked

Keith Orrel & Family

John Toase & Lynne                                          Booked

Brian Stephens & Diane                                    Booked

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Reunion 2017 photos

Saturday, 28 January 2017

New Contact Bruce Russell 1958-59

Anybody remembers Bruce contact me for his Email address

Bruce Russell

to me
Hi John, Yes I was with the 410 Ind. Plant Troop RE as a fitter. I got to the troop in 1958 and was at the first camp, when we had a troop photo taken on the 16-07- 58 in the plant yard, then we moved camp further up the road nearer the River, it was rough going at first crossing the river without a bridge, then a bailey bridge was put up, then the Nami bridge.  I remember Ollie on the D8 Cat, Ken on the D7 Cat, Jock Mackensie, Jock Ward, We went to Penang  Christmas time for Admin 1958. I got my going home papers in July 1959.  Some of the guys may remember I was in the truck that rolled over down the side of the road and was taken by helicopter to hospital.  Yes that would be nice of you to publish it on your blog, to see how many of the guys get back to me.  Best regards Bruce Russell .

 Hi again Bruce ,
Thanks for your reply, I have published your email message on my 410 Blog I know some will remember you, I arrived in the troop the same month you left in 1960, we where then on the beach in Malacca building airstrip and roads for the new Terendack camp.
I take it you must have been national service as the normal tour at that time was three years for regulars.
We are having our Reunion on the 7th of April at the Holiday Inn Coventry, Ollie is booked in along with about three or four more who worked on the Kedha road project, if you would like to join us email me back on this address and I will forward details to you.

Hi John,  Yes I was in the national service,  It would be rather a long way to come to the reunion as I now live in Calgary Canada.  But I often get the old photos out and look through them and things on your blog.

Regards Bruce Russell.

PS Thanks for your quick reply.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Reunion 2017

Reunion 2017 our next reunion will be April 7th 2017 email me for details of venue etc:

The following have booked

Ollie Olliot

Mick Ramsay

John & Margaret Bell

Gary Hoskins

Mick Milward & Margaret

Jim Loach &Mary

Jim Macauley & Anne

Trev Greene & Pat

Clive Wooding & Mary

Jim Randle & Diane

Bill Kent & Cecilia

Keith Orrel & Karen  + 2