Monday, 25 January 2010

Ron (Gus) Blake

I recieved the following email today from David the son of Ron Blake who passed away in 1999. If anyone would like to get in touch with David about Ron please email me.

Dear John

I was interested to see your 410 blog because my father, Ron Blake - or Gus as he was known - was a member and appears in your list. Unfortunately he pased away in 1999 and my mum, Jean passed away in 2007.

We lived in Penang from 1959 to 1962, came back to the UK and than went to Hameln in Germany for a couple of years before Dad left the Army after 25 years service. Dad then worked for Hampshire County Council, Somerset County Council and Suffolk County Council before he retired.

I've been doing some research on our family history and would love to hear anything you can remember about Dad's time in 410, if your paths crossed. I've recently started sorting boxes of family photographs and there are a good number of army photographs from Malaya - it would be great if you could identify some of the events or people if I can send you copies. Or if you have any which include Dad, I'd love to get copies, I've looked through your video on the website but can't see any pictures of Dad.

Do you know if the records of 410 are held somewhere, possibly in the Royal Engineers Museum?


David Blake

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  1. Apologies for an error in my email above. Dad was in the RE for 24 years and 199 days, not 22 years.

    David Blake