Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Any ex 410 plt trp RE Around

If you served in the Unit please contact me. A reunion is being organised.
Dinger Bell

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  1. Email received from Jim Loach

    Hi, Dinger,

    what a first class bit of work you've done there. I am so pleased you've done it because there was something special about 410. After having served 22 yrs. 410 is always the unit that stands out in my mind as being the best unit I served in, where I learned such a lot and I think grew up too.

    I spoke to Walt Dixon the other day and he said he would ring back as he was just going out but I have had nothing yet. Trev Trev rang me ther day and told me he found Ian Hoskins. The name is familiar but I can't place him. Trev is coming down to Gloucester to meet him and hopefully I'll go up to see them both as well.

    I've had no luck in contacting Joe Nelson although a guy called Joe Worsnip, who knows him, said he had passed my details on to him. I think probably the email address is incorrect. I'll persevere anyway. Any Info I get now I'll pass on to you now and again well done for setting up the site.

    Best regards to Margret and yourself,