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Email received from Jim Loach

Hi, Dinger,

what a first class bit of work you've done there. I am so pleased you've done it because there was something special about 410. After having served 22 yrs. 410 is always the unit that stands out in my mind as being the best unit I served in, where I learned such a lot and I think grew up too.

I spoke to Walt Dixon the other day and he said he would ring back as he was just going out but I have had nothing yet. Trev Trev rang me ther day and told me he found Ian Hoskins. The name is familiar but I can't place him. Trev is coming down to Gloucester to meet him and hopefully I'll go up to see them both as well.

I've had no luck in contacting Joe Nelson although a guy called Joe Worsnip, who knows him, said he had passed my details on to him. I think probably the email address is incorrect. I'll persevere anyway. Any Info I get now I'll pass on to you now and again well done for setting up the site.

Best regards to Margret and yourself,


How nice to hear from you after so many years. I recently contacted Hank Lawrence
concerning an article I intend writing for a professional journal, Plant and Equipment
Professional, PEP, which can be accessed on

When we were both serving in Thailand I heard a wonderful 410 story from the late, Harry Dyer.
he told me about the incident where, he? got himself stuck under a grader moulboard
and had to be extricated by local tribesmen. I wondered if any other 410 members could throw any light on the topic.

Sadly Harry died at Xmas 1999 after suffering respiratory problems for many years. I called in
to his home on spec early in 2000 only to hear he had died some weeks prior. He was a great

I have been on the website and you have done a cracking job. I look foward maybe to seeing
Ron Tobin or Olly Olyatt popping up ! Wally Boldock did a historical on either 410 or 411 plant tro ops.
I´ll drop him a line.

I am now in regular contact with ex 54 Jack Firth who lives and works in Thailand. I will copy
you in on the next round robin I email and you can trawl through the names. Sadly many ex
54 have passed on, Steve Oakley, and Mick Dunne, though many are on email. Wonder what
happened to, Charlie Hankinson, Spooky Martin, Mick Belair, Ron Dreager, Scouse Bates,
Albert Finney, etc etc.

Regards to your good lady and family,
PS I am in Gran Canaria until 6 October. Live in Wakefield.

From: Taff Stephens New South Wales

I have been trying to find members of the 410 for years ever since we have had a computer.
I was in Malaya with 410 from 1959 to 1962.
I remember you 'Dinger". I got this address from Jim Howells who is in Canad.
I emigrated to NSW Australia in 1981 with wife

Di & Bri Stephens
to me

show details 7:14 AM (15 hours ago)

Jim Howells sent me your Blog Address and this email address.
Hope it gets to you.

I am Brian (Taffy) Stephens from Newbridge South Wales when I was in th Engineers from 1958 - 1964
I was in 410 Ind Plant Troop in Malaya from 1959 - 1962 when I went back to Ripon Yorks.
Got married in 1963 and left the army in July 1964.
Emigrated to NSW Australia in 1981.
Good to see some familiar names on your site.
Keep up the good work.
I have been looking for Ray Carter for years on this computer.

Ray, Joe Nelson and Tony Evans. I knew a Jim Roach whose wife Mary and son Andrew came to visit me in Newvridge S.Wales after I left the army. His son was a baby in 1964.
There was a "Smudger" Smithers, Paddy Arnold and Paddy Hutchinson.
Has anyone heard from any of them to your Knowledge.
I will keep in touch on the blog.
Had the shock of my life todau when I got email from Jim Howells saying he had found your Blog.

Keep in touch.
Brian (Taffy) Stephens

Always a Sapper.

Email received 25/01/2010 reference Ron(Gus)Blake

David Blake
to me

show details 9:53 PM (13 hours ago)

Dear John

I was interested to see your 410 blog because my father, Ron Blake - or Gus as he was known - was a member and appears in your list. Unfortunately he pased away in 1999 and my mum, Jean passed away in 2007.

We lived in Penang from 1959 to 1962, came back to the UK and than went to Hameln in Germany for a couple of years before Dad left the Army after 22 years service. Dad then worked for Hampshire County Council, Somerset County Council and Suffolk County Council before he retired.

I've been doing some research on our family history and would love to hear anything you can remember about Dad's time in 410, if your paths crossed. I've recently started sorting boxes of family photographs and there are a good number of army photographs from Malaya - it would be great if you could identify some of the events or people if I can send you copies. Or if you have any which include Dad, I'd love to get copies, I've looked through your video on the website but can't see any pictures of Dad.

Do you know if the records of 410 are held somewhere, possibly in the Royal Engineers Museum?

If you'd like to give me a ring, my number is (Contact Dinger) I'm there most of the time at the moment.


David Blake

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