Sunday, 31 October 2010

Provisional Attendence list for 410/11 Sqn Reunion

The following have shown interest in attending the 2011 Reunion to be held at the Holiday Hotel Coventry.

Bill and Cecilia Kent. Booked
Dave and Margrit Cowell Booked
Dave WestNot Coming
Brian and Diane Stephens Booked
Jim and Mary LoachBooked
John and Lynne Toase Booked
Mick and Joan Ramsey Booked
Trev and Pat Greene Booked
Ian and Pam Hoskins Booked
Mick and Margaret MilwardBooked
John and Margaret Bell Booked
Ben Davidson Can,t make it
Ron and Wife TobinNot Coming
Jim and Diana RandleBooked
Jim Howells Booked . Jim is now unable to come.
Peter(Percy)Warneck Booked
Clive Wooding + WifeBooked
Olly Ollyat Booked

We should have 26 with Wifes/Partners 

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