Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Provisional attendance List for 2014 Reunion

Our reunion for 2014 is to be held at the Holiday Inn Coventry on the weekend 9 to 11 May. The following have confirmed they are attending. If any other ex member of 410 or 54 at amalgamation period would like to attend please contact me in my contact box.

John Bell + Margaret                  Paid
Jim Randle + Diane                    Paid
Bill Kent + Cecillia                     Paid
Mike Milward + Margaret         Paid
Jim Loach + Mary                     Paid
John Toase + Lynne                  Paid
Clive Wooding + Mary             Paid
Jim McAuley + Anne                Paid
Olly Olliet                                 Paid
Norman Ford +Elaine               Paid
Dennis O'Rahilly + Brenda        Paid
Keith Orrel + 2 relatives            Paid
Trev Green + Pat                      Paid
Gary Hoskins                           Paid
Diane Bell + Paul                       Paid
Andrew + Timothy Loach         Paid

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